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Jon A, CA

"I really like working with the staff at Tezerakt. A staffing company by design is a people company. I feel like the staff is looking out for my best interest and appreciate their effort to see how things are going from time to time."

Pierre J, CA

"Tezerakt as a whole is great, people, policies, communication all the bells and whistles you name it.  I would recommend it to all the people i know that are looking for a job.  Hope they stay like this forever.  More power to Tezerakt."

Client Feedback

"Once I explained what exact needs I needed for my team I started getting better candidates. The recruiters at Tezerakt are very accommodating and easy to talk and work with. Thank you."

Daniel L, CA

Thank you for your hard work! My experience with Tezerakt has been great - it's the first company I've done contract work for and you have set bar high. I understand due to the nature of the roles that things can be uncertain sometimes, but I've always received prompt support & information that helps me feel secure.

Client Feedback

"I have been very satisfied with the support I have received from Tezerakt. I particularly appreciated the quick response to questions, the willingness to listen and collaborate. Tezerakt is the best!”
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